How to play Urobo™?

There are many ways to play Urobo™, but probably the most basic one is Urobo Even-odd.

Urobo Even-odd

1. Black plays against white

There are no strongest or weakest tiles.
The strength of each tile depends on their position to the one that had been laid.

2. White tiles lead for the first time

You will have to swap in the next game.

3. The stonger wins the trick.

The ones that follow the played one clockwise are stronger, and the other ones counter-clockwise are weaker.

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4. You can pass a trick by playing a weaker tile

Try to pass a trick to avoid leading the next one.

5. Whoever wins a trick leads the next one

Remember you can always lead a weak tile.

6. Whoever wins more tricks wins the deal

In case of equality the one who won the last trick wins the deal.

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